ClientTools 17.0

Enjoy the Web without annoying banner ads and pop-ups
17.0 (See all)

Fine tuning the web into what you want it to be is easy.
With the Client Tools Suite...
- Accelerator. Your get near broadband speed when browing or downloading your emails using Dial -Up. For screaming Internet speed, use Accelerator with your existing Broadband connection.
- Anti-Spyware. It discovers, blocks and deletes all kinds of spyware, adware and other rogue software that infects at least 70% of the home computers.
- Pop-Up Blocker. It will block those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders. Ads and pop-ups are block in your browser and in many popular applications, such as Kazaa, Morpheus, iMesh, Gator and others.
- Email Accelerator. Access to your email has never been faster whether you are using a Dial-up or Broadband connection.
- Ad Blocker. It blocks most banner ads. You may select to block any unwanted animations, too. No more flashing!
- Parental Control. It uses a "Black List"/"White List" concept that allows you to build a "walled garden" for your children on the Internet.

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